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Special Days of the month...
A Schuylkill Plus' Exclusive!



November, the 11th month in the Gregorian calendar received its name from the Latin numeral novem because it was the 9th month in the Julian calendar.
During November we celebrate the oldest special day to have originated in the United States. In 1921 Gov. William Bradford of Massachusetts proclaimed a day for feasting, prayer and Thanksgiving. The idea spread throughout the states and was finally celebrated universally when Sarah Josepha Hale, the editor of Godey’s Lady’s Book persuaded President Abraham Lincoln to issue a general proclamation in 1863. Since that time, Thanksgiving has been celebrated as a holiday throughout the country. The Chrysanthemum is the flower for November and the topaz is the designated gem.
November has been designated as Aviation History Month, Child Safety and Protection Month, Good Nutrition Month, National Model Railroad Month, Healthy Skin Month, National Family Caregivers Month, American Diabetes Month, National Epilepsy Month, “One Nation Under God” Month, Jewish Book Month, Creative Child and Adult Month, National Alzheimer’s Awareness Month, National Home Care Month, National Adoption Month, Diabetes Eye Disease Month, National Pomegranate Month, Family Stories Month, Lung Cancer Awareness Month, National Georgia Pecan Month, National Hospice Month, National Runaway Prevention Month, National Marrow Awareness Month, Peanut Butter Lover’s Month,
International Drum Month, Real Jewelry Month, National Sleep Comfort Month,National Roasting Month,National Scholarship Month.
During November certain weeks have been set aside for observance.
These include: National Animal Shelter Appreciation Week, National Adoption Week, National Fig Week, Dear Santa Letter Week, Kids Goal Setting Week, American Education Week, Get Smart About Antibiotics Week, National Farm City Week, National Game and Puzzle Week, National Family Week, National Bible Week.

Special Days in November include:
Nov. 1, All Saints Day, National Author’s Day, World Community Day, World Vegetation Day, National Family Literacy Day, National Men Make Dinner Day.
Nov. 2, All Souls Day, Broadcast Journalist Day, North Dakota Admission Day, Look for Circles Day, National Deviled Egg Day.
Nov. 3, Housewife’s Day, Feast Day of Saint Hubert, Father of Texas Day, Japan Culture Day, Sandwich Day,
Nov. 4, DAYLIGHT SAVINGS TIME ENDS, National Candy Day, Panama Flag Day, Feast Day of Saint Charles Borromeo, Liberty Day, National Dice Day, King Tut Day
Nov. 5, National Donut Day, Job Action Day, Feast Day of Blessed Martin de Porres, Guy Fawkes Day.
Nov. 6, ELECTION DAY, National Nachos Day, National Miners Day, Basketball Day, Marooned Without a Compass Day, Saxophone Day, Gustavus Adolphus Day.
Nov. 7, NEW MOON, Bittersweet Chocolate with Almonds Day, Cook Something Bold Day, Abet and Punster’s Day, National Notary Public Day, Feast Day of Saint Willibrord.
Nov. 8, National Parents as Teachers Day, Feast Day of Saint Claude, Saints, Doctors, Missionaries and Martyrs Day, Montana Admission Day, Dunce Day, X-Ray Day.
Nov. 9, Parade Day, Chaos Never Dies Day, Tree Festival Day, Crystal Night, National Scrapple Day
Nov. 10, Hero Day, Forget Me Not Day, Sadie Hawkins Day, USMC Day, Guru Nanak’s Day.
Nov. 11, Veteran’s Day, Air Day, National Remembrance Day, Feast Day of Saint Martin of Tours, Canada Remembrance Day, Washington State Day.
Nov. 12, Elizabeth Cady Stanton Day, Bermuda Remembrance Day.
Nov. 13, National Indian Pudding Day, World Kindness Day, International World Diabetes Day.
Nov. 14, National American Teddy Bear Day, National Your Children’s Day in India, Operating Room Nurse Day, World Diabetes Day, Ntional Pickle Day
Nov. 15, Great American Smokeout, National Philanthropy Day, American Recycles Day, American Enterprise Day, George Spelvin Day, Feast Day of Saint Albertus Magnys, Feast Day of Saint Leopold, National Raisin Bran Cereal Day, Clean Out Your Refrigerator Day,
Nov. 16, International Day for Tolerance , Button Day, Feast Day of Saint Matthew, Feast of Saint Paul of the Cross, Oklahoma Statehood Day, National Moms and Dads Day.
Nov. 17, Family Volunteer Day, International Students Day, Feast of Saint Hilda, Homemade Bread Day, Take a Hike Day, World Peace Day, Queen Elizabeth Day.
Nov. 18, Haiti Army Day, Mickey Mouse Birthday, World Fellowship Day, Use Less Stuff Day
Nov. 19, International Men;s Day, Equal Opportunity Day, Have a Bad Day Day, National Community Education Day, Feast Day of Saint Elizabeth of Hungary, National Play Monopoly Day , Gettysburg Address Day
Nov. 20, Rights of the Child Day, National Day of Play, Absurdity Day, Beautiful Day, National Absurdity Day
Nov. 21, Pumpkin Pie Day, National Stuffing Day, False Confession Day, World, Television Day, North Carolina Admission Day, World Hello Day.
Nov. 22, Feast Day of Saint Cecelia, Stop the Violence Day, Go THANKSGIVING, For a Ride Day, Start Your Own Country Day.
Nov. 23, BLACK FRIDAY, FULL MOON, Children’s Field Day, Feast Day of Saint Clement, What You Love About America Day, Maize Day, National Cashew Day, You’re Welcome Day, National Flossing Day, National Day of Listening
Nov. 24, SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY, Onion Market Day.
Nov. 25, CHRIST THE KING SUNDAY, National Parfait Day, National Cake Day, Feast Day of Saint Catherine of Alexandria.
Nov. 26, CYBER MONDAY, John Harvard Day, Sojourner Truth Day, French Toast Day
Nov. 27, GIVING TUESDAY, Pins and Needles Day, National Flossing Day, Feast of the Miraculous Medal.
Nov. 28, Mark Twain’s Birthday (1835), Red Planet Day, John Bunyan Day.
Nov. 29, Electronic Greeting Day, John F. Kennedy Day, Computer, National Square Dance Day, Security Day, You’re Buy Nothing Day, Square Dancing Day.
Nov. 30, Computer Security Day, Saint Andrew’s Day, Bonifacio Day, Stay at Home Because You’re Well Day.